Sunday, November 28, 2010

28 November 2010

1. Review declension of der, die, das.

2. See Lange, PDF page 39: interrogative pronouns wer, was, and welcher.

2. See Lange, PDF page 7: declension of ein and kein.

4. Review the exercises from last time.

5. Review the passage from the previous week.

6. How to decline adjectives used with a definite article. See Lange PDF page 23. Only the nominitative singular forms, and the feminine and neuter accusative singular forms, take -e instead of -en.

(Exceptions: cardinal numbers above ein, and adjectives formed from names of cities, like die Berliner Zeitung and das Münchener Kammerorchester.)

7.  Try rewriting the passage with ich and children, and with a queen and daughters, instead of a king and sons.

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